Hello World!

I think the best start for a blog about programing and information technologies is the best known phrase “Hello world!”.

What will you see in this blog and why would you like to read it?

I have my personal blog where I write about information technologies, some personal texts and put other information. However, that blog is in Lithuanian and for Lithuanian people, but now I am starting to work on programing more and I want to have an international blog about this stuff. You will see some great tutorials and posts written about how to start programing, you will also find some examples of codes and working WordPress plug-ins.

In addition, I am going to write not only for starters, but for intermediate or advance public too. You are definitely going to find some examples from my own projects and solutions to the problems I face on everyday basis.

I would like to apologize for my English skills in advance. This blog is also an opportunity to learn English because I do not use it as much as I used to and I need more practice. If you see some mistakes, just write down them to the comments and I will try to correct them as fast as I could. Be patience skills will come. 🙂

I suggest subscribing to my RSS feed. Your choice, if you have some questions or suggestions, email me.

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