Toggl – the best way to track your time

As I was going trough my freelancer career on quite fast pace, I decided that I needed more appropriate way to track time spent on projects. I could not find right tool for a long time and I was just trying many of them by registering and looking at the capabilities and features. However, Toggl got me from the first second and I am still using it now, so here are some features I enjoy most.

First of all, the greatest thing is a multi-platform application for your Windows, Linux, Mac computers, you can even have one for your smartphone. It is amazing because you start and pause your work time with one little mouse click – you do not have to be connected to the Internet for that too. On Windows this program hides as a simple agent near the clock with different indications, for example, when you are working (it becomes red) and when you are doing something else (black or grey).

This little app even tracks if the computer goes away with screensaver and so on. It asks you if you want to add the time you were away to the whole time of the job. It is very useful if you are distracted by someone else and forgot to stop the timer.

Secondly, as this web application has its pro version, you do not get stupid limits when using it for free. You can create as many clients, projects, tasks as you want. However, there are limitations for the quantity of users in your workspace. And yes, there is ability to work with other people on the same account and see each others quality time.

Thirdly, there is an opportunity to generate periodical reports about your time. I chose to get weekly reports to my email and I am quite satisfied with it.  Moreover, you see colorful and very informative diagrams when you are logged in which helps you to determine the most important client, task or project.

In addition, pro version, which has different plans, suggests even more functionality to your everyday time tracking. For example, you can upload company’s logo to the main account. You can also integrate it with Basecamp which is very popular too.

Finally, the simplicity and easy creation of tasks, projects, clients and great integration not only with your OS, but also with mobile phones, other web applications makes this time tracking application the best for everyday job.

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