Synchronize your bookmarks with xmarks

Synchronizing became our daily routine because of the Internet and big number of different devices we use in our personal and work life. However, it is quite hard to find right tools for your personal needs especially when you are looking for a free service.

I have already tried Delicious and can not remember why I did not like it after couple of weeks. But now I have a much simpler and easy-to-use service called xmarks which also lets you share bookmarks.

This tool is based on your browsers bookmarks and it has plugins for most popular browsers out there such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Moreover, there are special apps for Mac lovers – iPhone, iPad. Android application at the writing moment is “comming soon” too.

If you want to try xmarks, you have to register for an account at their website and download plugin for favorite browser or for all of them if you tend to use them all at once. After successful installation you need to sign in from the plugin and that’s all.

By default xmarks will automatically synchronize your bookmarks, saved passwords, which are encrypted, and browser history with it’s open tabs.

In addition, this service has many more function and capabilities. For example, you’ll see some additional information when searching Google or you might find useful “Site info” button. It shows detail information about website and suggests similar sites.

This simple tool  lets you create different profiles for your job, personal, family, etc. bookmarks. You can choose a variety of options how to handle your bookmarks and it really saves time because you do not have to go for a second time just to filter or categorize starred items.

And what’s great about all this is that you can access your bookmarks from the Internet by signing into “My xmarks” where you can do about everything with your saved information.

You can find more information about it on xmarks website. I honestly suggest to visit their site because sometimes there’s no point of rewriting some features that may be useful to you or because I forgot to mention them.

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  • ichmbch
    November 26th, 2010 / 6:57 PM

    I think that suggestions of similar sites will be discontinued. The good thing about Xmarks is the app for iOS. Expect to have it on other smart phones.

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