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Scripterous – editing PHP on the fly

Internet / August 17, 2010 / Richard Smaizys

There is no secret that on some tutorial sites you can put JavaScript, CSS or HTML code into a dialog…

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  • Pascal: Greatest common divider

    Pascal / August 10, 2010 / Richard Smaizys

    I often used this function – a simple and clear to understand algorithm to find the greatest common divider of…

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  • The importance of thinking ahead

    Programing / August 8, 2010 / Richard Smaizys

    I remember my first commercial project  a simple CMS (Content Management System) which helps accountants to communicate with their customers…

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  • Hello World!

    Personal / July 1, 2010 / Richard Smaizys

    I think the best start for a blog about programing and information technologies is the best known phrase “Hello world!”.…

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