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How to backup Snippely information?

I just love this minimalistic and easy to use program that helps you to have your most used snippets in one place. I have written about it more on the article about other snippet programs. However, after some time it got to my mind that there are not any backup functionality. In my opinion, it is a big disadvantage of this program, but you can create a backup manually.

I have found that Snippely saves its database in catalog on Windows 7: C:\Users\{Your user name}\AppData\Roaming and you can make the copy of this file for some later use. I have tried to reinstall fresh copy of the program and the backup worked just fine.

Just do not forget to create those backups constantly!

What to do if Snippely opens but does not run?

I have already written about my favorite snippets tools Snippely, however I have had a strange bug recently. I opened the Snippely and it was showed on taskbar, but I could not get to my snippets or open the dialog box of this program.

After some research I have found that you need to press alt + space after you select the icon from the taskbar and then choose maximize from the pop up menu. That’s all – you can now use your snippets program as usually.

I hope this helps someone having the same issue.

Code snippets tools: Keep your all snippets in one place

Every amateur or advances programmer has some kind of code that he constantly uses and implements into different applications or projects. However, I was quite surprised that there are people who manages their snippets in folders with the readme files that help to get basic information about class or function. So I have decided to find some applications to help you better manage code snippets and fasten their usage.

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ScreenHunter – the best free screen capturing software

ScreenHunter Logo

There are so many different programs to do one particularly thing that it’s so hard to choose from them. My list of programs come from long period of looking for the best and when I found one, I generally write about it. This is the same as it was with Open Hardware Monitor.

ScreenHunter Free 5 is very simple and easy to use screen capturing software that does not load your computer resources too.

Main features:

  • You can activate it by one hotkey which is F6 by the default. You can also choose a different one if you want to.
  • There is an option to choose whether to show mouse pointer or not.
  • You can use a simple timer when making your screenshots.
  • An ability to choose between rectangular area that you point with your mouse, active windows or full screen.

Great saving options:

  • You can save it automatically to the file and to your clipboard.
  • You can choose file format (Bitmap, GIF, JPEG) and it’s quality or colors.
  • The name of your screenshot will be generated automatically by your selections at filename options.

ScreenHunter filename settings

  • You can also choose where to save your files (default is on your desktop).

There are great advanced settings too, for example, hiding disabled buttons and so on. Truly, I did not use them much, but they might be definitely useful for some readers (see the screenshot below).

This program became my number one for a long time and I am still enjoying it after two years. It is just simple and easy to use which makes it perfect for everyday use.

Visit ScrenHunger Free 5

Take care of your hardware with simple tool

I had some really annoying problems with my computer recently, so I was searching for informative and light tools to monitor my hardware’s performance to check if there were any discrepancy to normal values of temperature and so on. However, I could not find anything that meed my criteria.

At first I was using default motherboard’s monitoring tool that came with the drivers. As you can imagine this MSI Dual Core Center was not very informative or useful. Then I decided to try some programs for special monitoring, for example, HDD Sentinel (free and commercial versions) for my hard disks and so on.

HDD Sentinel was one of the biggest discovery, however its use is limited to only HDD and nothing more. By the way this software is licensed and  costs from 23 USD dollars for more capabilities.

And at last I found a very simple, easy to use and without need to install Open Hardware Monitor application. At the moment of writing this application is developed at fast pace which is good news for the users to get the most of it.

In addition, you can launch this on both Windows and Linux systems.

You can download this app from it’s official site at

Toggl – the best way to track your time

As I was going trough my freelancer career on quite fast pace, I decided that I needed more appropriate way to track time spent on projects. I could not find right tool for a long time and I was just trying many of them by registering and looking at the capabilities and features. However, Toggl got me from the first second and I am still using it now, so here are some features I enjoy most.

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