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PayPal Pro module for PrestaShop review


Credit card payments are the easiest way to gather your clients money in any shop you own. There are already some other gateways for payments using credit cards such as Authorize.net, however I will concentrate on PayPal Pro features in this article.

PayPal Pro (direct payment) module for PrestaShop let’s you accept payments using Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards. The module also takes into account that some users might be from UK where some of these cards use 3D Secure (additional security level for online credit and debit card transactions, for more information about 3D Secure and Paypal visit Cardinal Commerce website) and is also implemented in this module, so you will not have any problems with users worldwide.


In addition, you can test the module using SandBox and make sure that everything is working as expected, before going live.


PayPal Pro module for PrestaShop lets you choose between “Authorize and Capture” or just “Authorize” payments. You will be able to capture them later from the configuration page of the module (for example, when you’re ready to ship). Moreover, the module lets you choose if you want to require address when entering the credit cards information and you can also specify allowed currencies as some of them are not compatible with Discover and American Express cards. You should be able find out available currencies by visiting PayPal website.

Another great feature of this module is the refund functionality integrated straight in module’s configuration page. After entering the order ID you will be able to refund the order partially or entirely, without going to the PayPal website. This saves time as you will be managing everything in one place. Log of all transactions that were invalid or had an error is also available. The log provides information both on 3D secure transactions and PayPal errors. You can easily clear it too in order to save some time and hard disk space if you have many transactions.


Instant download and dedicated support for all of your problems are included.

Purchase the PayPal Pro module for Prestashop at Presto-Changeo.com

Newsletter Tab Module for PrestaShop

I have found a great and simple Newsletter Tab on PrestaShop forum, however the author have not changed anything for couple years and adding tab like that was a pain in a neck so I have created a module to do this automatically and cleared some features of that admin tab.

Module features:

  • Send emails to your PrestaShop customers
  • Send newsletter email on their birthday
  • You can use variables for your emails to make it more personal: %FIRSTNAME% – %LASTNAME% – %MAIL%
  • Works good with your server because there is an ability to add delay on sending emails
  • You get a detailed information about the process when it is finished
  • You can check all checkboxes and the script will automatically filter duplicate emails.

Here is a screenshot:

Download: Newsletter Tab Module for PrestaShop 1.4.4 v1.1

UPDATE v1.1: 2011-06-22:

  • Added automatic translastions to the admin tab class
  • Added ability to choose parent tab for your Newsletter tab
  • fixed some mistakes

UPDATE v1.1: 2011-06-29

  • Mistakes regarding configuration and parent tab selecting form for 1.4.3 were fixed.

UPDATE v1.1: 2011-08-15

  • Deleted some unnecessary functions for better and easier installation.
  • Tested and works fine with versions 1.4.3 and 1.4.4.

Download: Newsletter Tab Module for PrestaShop 1.4.4 v1.1

Leave feedback and comments if you want more functionality or have problems.

How to create PrestaShop module?

PrestaShop is a quite complicated e-commerce system, however you can do almost anything with custom made modules and I will introduce you to the process of creation them.

Modules on PrestaShop are specific PHP classes that are based on systems hooks (which you can easily create after reading my tutorial or use PrestaShop default ones). This makes all the necessary changes less complicated and the integration becomes a lot easier with the core and frontend.

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