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How to calculate inode quantity on server

Inodes are a data structures that represents file objects in the system. There are some hosting providers which limit inode usage. It is easy to get the five catalogs which most extensively uses up the inodes.

You can do that with an easy query using SSH command line:

for i in ls -1A; do echo “find $i | sort -u | wc -l $i”; done | sort -rn | head -5

This will outline as a result five catalogs from your current location which uses up most inodes.

You can change the last part head -5 to a different number of results to show.

Crocodoc: reviewing documents in the cloud

Office workers constantly use a wide variety of documents for their job, designers have reviews of their work and programmers must prepare some specifications about their completed job or a plan before the start. And there is one solution for everything that I mentioned – cloud based documents review for free web application.

You do not even need to register in order to start using it. You can upload a file in a seconds or get a screenshot from the specified URL at once. Moreover, if you just want to try it, you can see available demos.

On every page you can add three types of comments. It’s functionality is similar to Microsoft Word comments where you just add a comment with simple click. In addition, at CrocoDoc you can mark an area of the document or if it is a text document, mark the text in it. You are able to draw lines and add colorful, different sizes text. You can even strikeout or highlight text if document type is right.

Try everything for yourself and visit Crocodoc.

Synchronize your bookmarks with xmarks

Synchronizing became our daily routine because of the Internet and big number of different devices we use in our personal and work life. However, it is quite hard to find right tools for your personal needs especially when you are looking for a free service.

I have already tried Delicious and can not remember why I did not like it after couple of weeks. But now I have a much simpler and easy-to-use service called xmarks which also lets you share bookmarks.

This tool is based on your browsers bookmarks and it has plugins for most popular browsers out there such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Moreover, there are special apps for Mac lovers – iPhone, iPad. Android application at the writing moment is “comming soon” too.

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Toggl – the best way to track your time

As I was going trough my freelancer career on quite fast pace, I decided that I needed more appropriate way to track time spent on projects. I could not find right tool for a long time and I was just trying many of them by registering and looking at the capabilities and features. However, Toggl got me from the first second and I am still using it now, so here are some features I enjoy most.

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Scripterous – editing PHP on the fly

There is no secret that on some tutorial sites you can put JavaScript, CSS or HTML code into a dialog box and immediately see the result. As I am surfing the Internet for a long time I have not imagined that there is similar PHP simulator.

Scripterous is a great way to try some examples in real life without having a web server or creating it locally on your computer. I think this service is very useful to people who are making their first steps into PHP. So if you have problems with buying some hosting plan or creating a local server on your computer and if you want just to try some simple PHP code, you should consider Scripterous as your primary simulator on the Internet.

Just write your code and run it! That’s about it.

Visit Scripterous.

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