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How to calculate inode quantity on server

Inodes are a data structures that represents file objects in the system. There are some hosting providers which limit inode usage. It is easy to get the five catalogs which most extensively uses up the inodes.

You can do that with an easy query using SSH command line:

for i in ls -1A; do echo “find $i | sort -u | wc -l $i”; done | sort -rn | head -5

This will outline as a result five catalogs from your current location which uses up most inodes.

You can change the last part head -5 to a different number of results to show.

PayPal Pro module for PrestaShop review


Credit card payments are the easiest way to gather your clients money in any shop you own. There are already some other gateways for payments using credit cards such as, however I will concentrate on PayPal Pro features in this article.

PayPal Pro (direct payment) module for PrestaShop let’s you accept payments using Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards. The module also takes into account that some users might be from UK where some of these cards use 3D Secure (additional security level for online credit and debit card transactions, for more information about 3D Secure and Paypal visit Cardinal Commerce website) and is also implemented in this module, so you will not have any problems with users worldwide.


In addition, you can test the module using SandBox and make sure that everything is working as expected, before going live.


PayPal Pro module for PrestaShop lets you choose between “Authorize and Capture” or just “Authorize” payments. You will be able to capture them later from the configuration page of the module (for example, when you’re ready to ship). Moreover, the module lets you choose if you want to require address when entering the credit cards information and you can also specify allowed currencies as some of them are not compatible with Discover and American Express cards. You should be able find out available currencies by visiting PayPal website.

Another great feature of this module is the refund functionality integrated straight in module’s configuration page. After entering the order ID you will be able to refund the order partially or entirely, without going to the PayPal website. This saves time as you will be managing everything in one place. Log of all transactions that were invalid or had an error is also available. The log provides information both on 3D secure transactions and PayPal errors. You can easily clear it too in order to save some time and hard disk space if you have many transactions.


Instant download and dedicated support for all of your problems are included.

Purchase the PayPal Pro module for Prestashop at

Ecommerce predictions for 2013


While the New Year has passed quite a long time ago, we can still make some predictions about this years ecommerce trends and possibilities. It is no secret that ecommerce is becoming more used and popular worldwide. You will agree that it would be difficult to find people who have not  tried to buy at least one or another product online.

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PrestaShop integration with Shipworks (module)

Shipworks is a software company that focus on providing software solutions for online sellers by trying to make their life easier.

Shipworks mainly integrates your ecommerce platform and makes sellers life easier when talking about backoffice managements. If your ecommerce service is not that easy to use, then Shipworks would be the solution for managing it.

Shipworks allows you to:

  • Get all your orders
  • Get all your customer’s information
  • It integrates shipping carriers such as DHL, Global Mail, UPS, USPS, so you can easily print shipping labels too.
  • and many more which you can get to know by visiting their webpage.

PrestaShop integration

You can easily connect your PrestaShop platform to Shipworks by using a special module which adds necessary functionality for PrestaShop in order to get information from it.

By using this module you will be able to download all the orders from your shop and update their shipping status from Shipworks on your Windows machine. In addition, all your customers information will be sent to Shipworks and you will be able to see some additional statistics or do search.

Contact me if you are interested in this module and would like to either test it out or buy it. Write me an email trough contacts form.

Visit Shipworks page.

Free PrestaShop Themes Collection

PrestaShop ecommerce system is evolving drastically. PrestaShop community has more than 400 000 members and it had 2 million downloads recently. As a consequence even more PrestaShop modules and themes are created and either sold or given for free. I’ve tried to gather as much free PrestaShop themes as I could to give you a quite bunch of them to choose from.

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Bucket sort parallel algorithm using C++ OpenMPI

Bucket Sort is quite an easy to implement algorithm when talking about parallel algorithms. Its main logic is to spare different parts of array into different buckets, then sort them at the same time with another algorithm and put it back together in one big result array.

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What to expect from PrestaShop 1.5?

A short video about what to expect from the newest PrestaShop 1.5 version. Mike Kranzler, PrestaShop’s Community Manager, answers some of most commonly-asked questions about PrestaShop version 1.5.

Pragmatic Programmer, The: From Journeyman to Master review

The book called “Pragmatic Programmer, The: From Journeyman to Master” about software engineering and best practices was first published in 1999. This book was written by two experienced programmers and writers Andrew Hunt and David Thomas who are both known for their big income in respectively agile techniques and Ruby programming language.  The Pragmatic Programmer tries to gather all the necessary characteristics of a programmer that creates high quality, easy to reuse and bug free software solutions.

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How to backup Snippely information?

I just love this minimalistic and easy to use program that helps you to have your most used snippets in one place. I have written about it more on the article about other snippet programs. However, after some time it got to my mind that there are not any backup functionality. In my opinion, it is a big disadvantage of this program, but you can create a backup manually.

I have found that Snippely saves its database in catalog on Windows 7: C:\Users\{Your user name}\AppData\Roaming and you can make the copy of this file for some later use. I have tried to reinstall fresh copy of the program and the backup worked just fine.

Just do not forget to create those backups constantly!

What to do if Snippely opens but does not run?

I have already written about my favorite snippets tools Snippely, however I have had a strange bug recently. I opened the Snippely and it was showed on taskbar, but I could not get to my snippets or open the dialog box of this program.

After some research I have found that you need to press alt + space after you select the icon from the taskbar and then choose maximize from the pop up menu. That’s all – you can now use your snippets program as usually.

I hope this helps someone having the same issue.

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