Archive | March, 2011

WordPress performance optimization

WordPress has become widely used blog and CMS platform in recent years. However, with it’s functionalities and new capabilities users need to cope with less performance, bigger server resources and increased page-load times. However, we can make something to make the situation better and I will introduce you to many WordPress optimization tricks and tips varying from using less plugins to database and server optimization.

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mPDF: HTML to PDF introduction

mPDF is a simple and popular tool for shared hosting users to create and convert UTF-8 encoded HTML pages to PDF files. In other words mPDF is a PHP classes based on FPDF and HTML2PDF tools which purpose is the same – to create and manage PDF documents using simple PHP. It’s worth mentioning that on some basis mPDF is slower and can produce bigger PDF files than its predecessors, however it has many capabilities and simpler to use for daily basis.

By using mPDF you have to create an HTML file structure which will be converted to PDF format file. You can also use some CSS coding and improve your files. You can find all the supported CSS attributes in this classes documentation, but I can say that you can securely use most popular and common CSS attributes for your elements. However, there are some restrictions using HTML tables and styling text inside cells.
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Code snippets tools: Keep your all snippets in one place

Every amateur or advances programmer has some kind of code that he constantly uses and implements into different applications or projects. However, I was quite surprised that there are people who manages their snippets in folders with the readme files that help to get basic information about class or function. So I have decided to find some applications to help you better manage code snippets and fasten their usage.

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