Archive | December, 2010

Improve your code style with simple tips

I have already written about best practices for choosing how to put brackets which style of variable writing to choose. However, I would like to talk more about good programming style and its practice.

I might repeat, but knowing and sticking to one good practice is a skilled professional sign and I am sure that you are one or want to be one of them. So you have to know and you can not forget that your program (not only websites) is like a living beast with whom many people might work in the future. Your code is like an art piece that needs editing, renewal and etc.  You can not just think that you will always be the person who manages everything and supports all the bugs.

By understanding this you also agree that the code must be maintainable and readable not only for you after a year or two but to other people that may not be so skilled or advanced and otherwise.

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